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The Coca-Cola Company is taking Isis to a new medium: vending machines. Imagine the convenience of using your Isis Mobile Wallet™ to buy a Coke and earn My Coke Rewards. In Austin, you can do just that.

Coca-Cola is currently testing 200 vending machines in Austin and plans to roll out tens of thousands more units nationwide later this year. To learn more about Coca-Cola’s partnership with Isis – and why the company is serious about mobile innovation – we recommend reading Coca-Cola’s new blog post.

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We just announced the Isis™ Smart Tap™ Mobile Commerce Application will be integrated into Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Wayne fuel dispenser payment terminals, allowing consumers to pay with their phones at the gas pump. To see how you will be able to securely pay with Isis at select Austin and Salt Lake City c-stores this summer, we encourage you to watch this video:

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We often receive questions about mobile commerce. Is it solving a real problem? How do we quantify its value? How do we best address security concerns? Isis’ Chief Sales Officer Jim Stapleton addresses such questions in a Q&A for TSYS’ Thought Leadership Journal of the Global Payments Industry. Jim emphasizes that mobile commerce is as much an answer to consumer demands as a response to merchant realities. If you have questions, we suggest you take a moment to read the entire TSYS article.

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We just got back from the 2012 South by Southwest Interactive festival. Over the course of eight days, hundreds of tech-enthusiasts took the Isis™ Mobile Wallet for a test drive. We also had the privilege of having cyber-illusionist Marco Tempest perform live at our booth. If you weren’t in Austin or weren’t able to swing by the Isis lounge or booth, check out this video to see the Isis™ Mobile Wallet in action or watch Marco put credit cards on his phone. You can also read about what Fast Company’s Co.Create and Entrepreneur Magazine said about Isis and other innovations showcased at the event.

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Bricks + Mobile shared a YouTube video highlighting key takeaways from its 2011 event, which focused on the intersection of retail and mobile. Doug Kilgour, a senior business development officer for Isis, participated in an event panel discussing the value proposition of contactless payments and mobile wallets. We thought you might enjoy these attendees’ insights.

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At the RAMP Advanced Commerce & Mobile Retail Services Summit, Isis’ Jim Stapleton encouraged attendees to imagine how mobile commerce could change the future and ease of travel. We think you may enjoy his vision too, so take a look at the infographic he shared.